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Zane's Redemption by: Tina Folsom

Zane's Redemption by:Tina Folsom

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      The last thing vampire bodyguard Zane wants to do is to guard a hybrid, a half-vampire, half-human, whose father wants to keep her a virgin. Known for his violent temper and callous lack of compassion, Zane’s out-of-control rage, born of the cruelty he suffered during the Holocaust, drives him to focus only on revenge. Trying to find the last of his torturers is his only goal in life.

Portia is a young hybrid with a serious dilemma: in a few weeks, her body will be set in its final vampire form. If she is to avoid having to live out her immortal life as a virgin, she must find a lover in that short time—something her father hires Zane to prevent.

The moment Portia and Zane meet, rules begin to bend, and a forbidden attraction bursts into flames hotter than the hell of Zane’s past. But that past threatens to pull them apart unless they can overcome their prejudice, forsake hate for love, and revenge for forgiveness.

My Reaction: I am reading the Scansguards Vampire series out order apparently. However, I received this in a bundle and was not going to pass up the chance to read this as vampires are my favorite subject. I have read one other, Samson's Lovely Mortal, and it was amazing (the review for that will be up later). In this book Zane, a tough and scary vampire (aren't they all), makes a mistake and as punishment must "babysit" a hybrid vampire for her father. The reasons for Portia needing to be watched over are revealed to Zane and the plot of the story is set. At this point in the story, her father already seems like a tyrant and a bully, but more about him will come. The descriptions of what Zane went through in the concentration camps during the Holocaust were very, very well executed and it was heart-breaking to remember and imagine that real people actually went through it. The presence of the other Scansguards Vampires only added to the story although I do not think anything was given away if you read the books out of order like I am. Zane's past catches up with him and his and Portia's love is tested. 

Overall: (5/5) Overall, this novel was absolutely incredible. Unlike in other novels, minute details do not take a back seat to the romance and action. The characters were not flat and they felt like real people that you would know and care about (despite that fact that they are vampires). I was intrigued by the Scansguards Vampires in Samson's Lovely Mortal and will be quick to read the remaining novels. Also, I find that Tina Folsom is an amazing author who is capable of pulling you into her world. I found this out through her Touch of Greek series. 

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