Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nola Sarina's Gilded Destiny

Gilded Destiny by Nola Sarina

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A woman's memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her.

Calli tattoos her skin to fill the holes in her memory, thanks to an accident that left her mind damaged and empty. But a nasty encounter with a fired employee leaves her in the arms of her unlikely savior: Nycholas, a predatory serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master. 

Nycholas' clandestine world holds the secrets to mankind's origin and survival...but he only wants one thing before his time is up: a few colorful nights with Calli, the fragile, tattooed, human woman he pursued and saved. 

The more Calli learns about Nycholas, the more her own darkened memories return to her. Despite her haunted past, she loses herself to passion and desire with her immortal captor. 

Now, Calli must overcome the demons of her past, or allow Nycholas to kiss her memories away and spare her trauma of loving a doomed immortal. But each choice comes with dire consequences - some that endanger not only herself, but her family as well.

My Reaction: When first picking up this novel it is important to note that this is a novella. I did not realize this at first, but it was not a problem. The first scene where Calli meets Nycholas was a little strange for me just because it didn't understand what a vesper was or what it did. Calli running away with Nycholas so agreeably was a little unbelievable for me, but I could deal with it. Nycholas' master and so called "brothers" angered me because they only want to destroy Nycholas simply because he wouldn't follow their rules.  

Overall: (4.5/5) I really liked the meaning behind Calli's tattoos that even she did not fully understand until the end. I also liked Nycholas. I thought he was sweet and nice despite his actions. I did not like the ending of the novella and all; however, this was not due to the author's writing or story-telling ability. I did not like it simply because it was not a happy ending by any means. It was so, so sad, I literally was tearing up. I would recommend this book to anyone (although there are a few steamy scenes and some language if this a concern) and I am waiting for a sequel.

*I received this book for an honest review.

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