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Why We Love Rich Alphas (Guest Post by author Kenya Wright) & Giveaway

Why We Love Rich Alphas!
Billionaire and millionaire romances flood the bestsellers' lists. Some readers point to Fifty Shades of Grey for this new craze. However, rich alphas have littered erotic romance book shelves for ages. For those that can't seem to understand this addicting fascination, I'm here to give you four reasons why erotic romance readers and I love Rich Alphas!

They have all day and night to play.
Rich alphas don't work as much as the average Joe. With that freedom, they're able to tease and taunt their heroines in every way the lucky girls can desire.

 photo a8862223-d179-463e-8d23-0d5a16100040_zps70bdeb43.jpg

They're HOT because they have loads of time to work out!

 photo 81806b11-41d0-4a0b-862a-44333a148414_zps9ea2ae37.jpg

 They crave heroines with a burning intensity.
Due to their power and wealth they're used to getting their way.  Sorry. I love when a Hero must have his heroine.

 photo daac65c7-7e74-4c70-94dc-b54c7417e5a4_zpsf08d51fc.jpg 

They spoil their heroines.

      He pulled the blindfold off of my eyes.

      It took time for my eyesight to return. When it did, he appeared above me. Hunger creased every inch of his face. Above him, lavenders and pinks, turquoise blues and gold shades merged into dark blue and painted the sky. Palm trees swayed around us on the beach. Crisp white sand spread across and connected with a clear blue and turquoise ocean. We lay on a silk green blanket. A large tray of tiny clay pots rested next to the plates of fruit and cake. Various sauces filled the pots.  I turned my head. A black man in a suit with a blindfold over his eyes sat in front of a piano as he played. 

     “I rented this portion of the beach just for us.” 

__Flirting with Chaos 

Kenya Wright

About the author

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Kenya Wright is a multi-published author of many romance novels. She currently resides in Miami with her three amazing, overactive children, a supportive, gorgeous husband, and three cool black cats that refuse to stop sleeping on Kenya’s head at night.


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