Review Policy & Rating System

Here is my review policy if you are an author or publisher and would like me to review a book for you.

  • I read all books so I am happy to receive and review any type, except for nonfiction. 
My favorite genres are: Paranormal, Romance, Scifi/Fantasy, and some YA
  • Ebooks are the easiest for me to receive because they can be sent through email, but I am not opposed to physical copies of books being sent to me. However, if you would like to send physical copies I will not be responsible for shipping costs.

  • I will read books at my earliest convenience and the review will follow shortly after. I place my reviews here on the blog, on, and often on Feel free to notify me if there is a specific place where you would like me to upload my review.

  • If you would like to contact me for further questions or for a review you can email me at I am also on twitter as @onceuponacoffin.

  • I am absolutely interested in blog tour, interviews, guest posts, author interviews. Just email me and let me know.


I take pride in saying that my reviews are always 100% original and my own opinion. The only thing that doesn't come from me are the About the Author section and sometimes the description of the book, but I always give credit to whatever website I get it from. I also try to provide details or a summary of the novel without giving away spoilers because I know how irritating that can be for people reading reviews. I like to explain what I liked and disliked about the novel also. I use a 5 stake/star system  (this is explained on the side bar)  and I do give half stars if I am on the fence. I publish my reviews here, on,, Google+, and the link is promoted to Twitter and Facebook. Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to review your book or a book you suggest to me.

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