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Courted by Karma Review

TitleCourted by Karma

Author: Tracy Ellen

Series: The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod #2

Genre: romance

Publish Date: March 7, 2013

Length: 298 pages


Description (from Amazon): First it was her turn. Now it is his turn.
Anabel's life was sizzling before, but now it's red hot! Can she handle the heat?

Courted by Karma is the second volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod. The story picks up where A Date with Fate left us hanging on Tuesday night at 11:59 pm.

After her last crazy few days, Anabel's hell bent on having nothing but a good time during the traditional upcoming Axelrod Women Weekend. Cousin Layla and some friends are flying in from Florida for a visit. Despite Chief Jack's warning not to call him this year if they end up in jail again, the women plan to rock the town!

But first our girl has to survive some Russian, some Mexicans, some parents, Thanksgiving, and her biggest challenge ever...Luke Drake.

And Mr. Secretive has plans of his own.

Will it ever be our turn for Luke and Anabel, or is it her karma to get burned but the smokin' hot flames?

My Review:  Courted by Karma begins exactly where A Date with Fate ended so I do appreciate that. Much like the first installment of this series I really liked the supporting characters, probably more than Anabel and Luke. I liked the influx of friends and relatives in this novel because they made the story more interesting. In this novel and the previous one I did like Anabel's sassiness and attitude; however, I feel like she acts without thinking in many instances. There is a lot of detail in this novel but I did appreciate it because I would rather have too much than not enough and be left guessing. I think in this novel the romance between Anabel and Luke is much more apparent as in the first one I was unconvinced with the underdeveloped romance.

Overall: I did like this novel better than A Date with Fate, however I just don't think that this series is for me and it is just not holding my interest. They seem disjointed in places and predictable. But overall they are enjoyable quick reads. I give Courted by Karma 3.5 stakes.

About the Author: Meet Tracy Ellen...
About a year or so ago, a strange thing happened to me. It was like a switch turned off/on inside. All of a sudden instead of wanting to read about romance, I wanted to write my own romantic stories. So began my budding writing career. Soon I made another happy discovery; I absolutely loved writing! Since then, I've become a writing fiend. My self-published books include A Date with Fate, Courted by Karma, and In Love by Design in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series.
For those of you who may want to know some pertinent facts: I was born in Indiana, the third out of five hellions. I've always lived in the Midwest, except for six steamy months in Florida when I was nineteen. Currently, I reside in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minnesota with my family. The college town of Northfield featured in Anabel's Adventures is just down the road a jaunt.
I love connecting with readers. Comments, posts, reviews, and emails are always welcome. Follow my blog and like me on Facebook to be aware of events, giveaways, and new books I'm publishing.

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