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Alpha Moon Review

Title: Alpha Moon

Author: Rebecca A. Rogers

Series: Silver Moon #0.5 [prequel]

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal

Publish Date: October 21, 2012

Length: 114 pages

Format: paperback and ebook (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony)


Description (from Amazon): First love. First kiss. First...werewolf bite?

Five hundred years ago, brothers Alaric and Ulric worked tirelessly on their father's farm to keep mouths fed and sell remaining crops for scanty wages. With a rebellion stirring in northern England and a country at war over the throne, the heavy gloom felt for so long by brothers Alaric and Ulric finally dissipates when a new family settles into town.

Daciana's parents uproot her from London to begin a new life in Colchester. Here, she won't be whisked off to decorate parties and elegant balls; she'll have to put forth effort into back-breaking labor. But her thoughts of eloping from the quaint town subside when she meets Ulric. Together, it's as if they're exactly where they should be.

During a late-night hunt for a wolf, Ulric and Daciana are attacked. Before their bodies can fully succumb to the wild animal inside, the town witch claims she holds the cure. Instead of healing their wounds, she places a curse on Ulric and Daciana, so they must live with who they truly are. In a town where secrets can't be kept and betrayal runs thick, Ulric and Daciana are hunted for the monsters they've become, even by those they love.

My Review: Going into Alpha Moon, I had a feeling that I would enjoy it because I love werewolves. Also, I like period pieces. Alpha Moon is a very quick read as it is a prequel to the Silver Moon series. I do not think that I should have read Alpha Moon first because I did not understand how the events in this story fit in with the rest of the series based on the descriptions of the other novels.

I did not understand the relationship between Ulric and Daciana. I think they fell in love extremely quickly and it did not seem fully developed. They went from Daciana yelling at Ulric and them not really knowing each other to them calling each other "dear" and instantly in love. Also, Daciana appears to be an extremely spoiled brat. She does have the culture shock of going from London to a small farm town; however, I think she could have handled it a lot better. She instantly has a bad attitude about  everything in Colchester and insults the town and its people. I did enjoy Alaric and Lavenia and I would have liked to see more of their relationship.

Due to this novella's quick pace I do not think the aspect of Ulric and Daciana becoming werewolves was fully developed. I think they were just told that they will turn into wolves and that's it. I think this story could have been a lit longer.

Quick View: Overall I did like Alpha Moon. I think for a prequel/novella it is still very short and could have more detail. I also think reading the rest of the Silver Moon series is necessary to fully understand the events in this prequel. I give Alpha Moon 3.5-4 stakes because I did like it but it was a little hard to follow.

About the Author (from Amazon): Rebecca Rogers expressed her creative side at an early age and hasn't stopped since. She won't hesitate to tell you that she lives inside her imagination, and it's better than reality.

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