Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Mating Call Review

Title: The Mating Call

Author: Marie H. Stephens

Series: Paranormal Alliance Series (Volume 1)

Genre: paranormal, urban fantasy, romance

Published: April 15, 2013

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Length: 188 pages

Format: paperback, ebook (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Sony ebooks)

Brief Summary: Samantha escapes the city to the mountains of North Carolina. There she meets the alpha of the McClure pack, Lucian. Together they must figure out who is stalking Samantha and why.

Review: To be perfectly honest, I did not like The Mating Call all that much. Suspending the belief that there are werewolves, this novel isn't all that believable. It seems unrealistic to me that anyone could go from the disbelief and hysteria of being told they are a werewolf to jumping into bed with a man she just met in less than 10 pages, but this is exactly what Samantha does. I have absolutely no problem with erotic romances but this novel had no romance. There is no build up to the sex and the hero and heroine barely know each other. Also the writing style of The Mating Call is a little strange. It is in a weird present tense narration. For example, "She has become a new writer for a publishing company in Seattle."

Overall: The Mating Call is a quick read and not the worst I have read. I think the characters could have been developed a lot more and the plot more fleshed out. This novel is only 188 pages but about another 100 could be added to make this a much more enjoyable read. I am giving The Mating Call 2 stakes.

About the Author (from Marie Stephens writes urban fantasy books. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist by day and a writer by night. She has found her passion for writing and it takes the forefront in her life. She has created characters that anyone can relate with. She wants people to see what she sees in each of her characters. She just hopes that they bring you as much joy as they have brought her.

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