Thursday, August 14, 2014

Snark Week Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Snark Bite! 

Be creative - your own snarktastic topic

Audio Books

Ok, so audio books are just something I cannot get into. No matter how hard I try I cannot stand someone reading to me like I'm an 80 year old grandma. I've tried so hard because so many people have had good things to say about audio books. And I wanted to give it a shot because I said to myself, "April, you said the same thing about ebooks. You didn't want to try them because they weren't paper and physically in your hands but you gave them a chance and now you love ebooks."

So since I had this conversation with myself I tried, I really did. But, NO. To me, audio books are just being lazy. If you have time to sit and listen then you have time to sit and read. I understand the people who listen to audio books when they're cleaning or cooking but, those people who listen to books while they're just sitting on trains, or buses, or planes are just being lazy. Especially the people on planes. You literally have hours to sit and do nothing. You can't go anywhere so why are you sitting looking at nothing and listening to a book when you could just read it?????

It completely baffles me and I don't understand it. If you read audio books maybe you can explain the appeal to me because I honestly just feel like I'm back in kindergarten during story time. And that's not a good thing.

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