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Book Review: Acadia's Law by Tracy Ellen

Acadia’s Law by Tracy Ellen
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Apocalyptic Thriller
Release Date: July 26, 2014

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“Acadia’s Law” is the stand alone first book in the “Undying Love” series, an unusual and thrilling love story by Tracy Ellen, the author that brought you “The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”---

Ask yourself this: How would you survive?

Acadia King is a young widow suddenly faced with answering this question, but in ways she could have never dreamed possible! Dark with despair over the death of her husband two years previous and the heavy burden of running a large farm, Acadia reluctantly agrees with her concerned friends to socialize again in the hopes of finding a little happiness. How could she know that the same night she finally ventures out to a cocktail bar to meet a man for a date an infection that turns people into violent crazies will begin to sweep across the Twin Cities!

The race is on!

For every person that can empathize with losing a special love and the struggle to find a reason to go on, be prepared for a sensual, sexy, and exuberant love story! For every person that has ever wondered what they would do if they had a day to get ready for the end of the world, be prepared for the start of a dark, humorous, action-packed thrill ride!

Acadia’s Law introduces an outrageous heroine struggling to find her feet again, an insanely hot hero doing his best to keep her on her back, and a supporting cast of great characters in the apocalyptic world of Acadia King.

*For mature audiences.

~ Review ~

I'm afraid this is going to be a rather long review because I absolutely loved Acadia's Law. This novel has it all: danger/adventure, romance, comedy, and slight mystery. I previously wrote that the book had a cliffhanger but I was very wrong. It was brought to my attention that the book is meant to be a stand-alone book and after rereading the ending I definitely see it that way. I guess I was so engrossed that I didn't want it to end. I give Acadia's Law 4.75 stakes out of 5

To start off, I love books that have quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I feel like they're little bonus things as you read along. The author wrote the prologue tremendously (I don't think I've ever used that word). It was written from a future point rather than a "before" look. I appreciated this because instead of getting backstory, you sort of dive right into what the story is about. The prologue was also a great teaser because at the end I was dying to jump into the rest of the book and see what caused Acadia to be attacked. 

The attack in the prologue is especially interesting because the person doing to attacking is Rod (her love interest, I hope this isn't a spoiler). As I progressed through the book I came to love Rod and couldn't bear the thought of their relationship being anything but romantic and wasn't looking forward to him becoming a zombie. Also, now that I know that there is a cliffhanger, the evil and sadistic author has left the attack in the prologue just out in the open for me to obsess about until the next book. (Somehow I misread this part, no attack, everything's good)

I really liked the set up of the book. Acadia finally goes out on a date after the death of her husband two years ago. And of course, on the one night she decides to get back out there, there is an outbreak of a disease that basically turns people into zombies. I loved the reference to Murphy's Law and perhaps it's connection to the title because lots of things went wrong for Acadia.

Acadia is a very strong woman and heroine as not only does she fight her way through zombies, but she organizes a group of people on her farm to figure out how to survive during the apocalypse. More than once while reading, I thought that Acadia seemed to be strangely prepared for this situation. She is definitely the type of person I want next to me should The Walking Dead ever come to life.

The romance on the side was refreshing and added some relief to the tension of the action. Rod's constant teasing of their sexual tension was fun and I cannot wait to see this relationship develop. I had a feeling about Acadia's friend, Deb from the start and wasn't really happy that I was right. I'll just have to wait to see how Deb explains her actions and feelings in the next book.

Overall, I loved Acadia's Law. I am so happy I decided to read this and can't wait for the sequel(s) because I know this is a series that I am going to have to see to the end.

Meet the Author

I absolutely love writing! I was born in Indiana to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions. Growing up, I often used my supernatural powers to force my family members to listen to me talk and tell stories. When that tough crowd laughed of their own free will, I knew the world would someday, somehow be my stage. I've lived in the Midwest my whole life--in a small town, on a farm, and in the big city. Currently, I live in the suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota with my husband, family, a naughty dog and a wonderfully evil cat. I’m writing full-time and loving life. I really enjoy connecting with readers, too. Comments, posts, emails, and reviews are always truly welcome. Follow my blog, Twitter, and Face Book to be aware of events and giveaways, volunteer opportunities, and  new books I’m self-publishing--or just stop by and say Hi! Happy Summer!

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  1. Hi April! First of all, I want to let you know that I commented on your wonderful review posted on Amazon before I connected the names and knew it was you--one of my first blog tour stops at Once Upon a Coffin. Lol, but I swear an oath here before you and all your followers--Acadia Law is NOT a cliffhanger. I just had to let you know why! (see my comment on Amazon) Anyway, thanks for participating in Acadia's Law Blog Tour, and thanks again for a fantastic review. I'm super thrilled you loved the book that is not a cliffhanger!!

    1. Hi, I'm really sorry for that misunderstanding. I'm correcting it now here and on my Amazon review.


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