Monday, August 11, 2014

Snark Week Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Snark Attack!

Tell us how you really feel about a particular blogging subject. Let it off your chest. This is your chance to just EXPLODE!

Poorly Written Review Requests

I love reviewing books but sometimes the way authors, publishers, or whoever asks for a review slightly bothers me. It's the simple things in the emails that stand out. For instance, just writing "Dear reader or blogger or whatever" just points out to me that you didn't take the time to see who you are writing to. 

Also, my blog name would suggest that I love paranormal books (and I do) and my review policy states the types of books I like, so when I get emails that say something along the lines of "we think this book would fit right into your blog" and it's soooooooooooo completely different from the genres I say I like, it makes me feel like I write a review policy for nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I love reviewing books and blog tours but I just feel like sometimes the emails could be written better. I also receive emails fairly often that are one or two lines asking me to do something. Now I'm more than happy to help an author just because of my general love for books, but if you can't take two seconds to even tell me what the book is about or even what the book title is than how am I supposed to help you. I once received a request for a cover reveal and the email went into detail about the book and the author's life, but I had no idea what the book was even called.

Overall, I love blogging and I am genuinely excited whenever I get a new request email, especially when it's a book I've been dying to read. It's just the one every now and then that stands out because of how it is written.


  1. I know what you're saying and I absolutely understand. If an author would like me to take !y time and review their book (for free) they could at least take the time to learn my name and read my review policy. Later on this week I plan on posting about this topic.
    Monique @ Mo_Books

    1. I know! It's not that hard especially when most bloggers actually have a designated section stating their policy.

      I'm looking forward to your post on this topic.

  2. I changed my review policy to let authors know I just can't read anymore books. Obviously no one bothers to read that since I still get requests each week. I recently received one that stated "I got your name off a list I purchased..."

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Around October of last year I was so overwhelmed with my first year of college that I posted in GIGANTIC letters I wouldn't be accepting any requests for a while and right after I received requests. It's like, what's the point?

  3. That does suck! I've gotten a few requests where the author/publisher mentions everything about the book and author, but then they didn't even let me know what they wanted me to do.. So I'm thinking do you need a review, blog tour what?

    Great topic!

    My Snark Week Post
    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

    1. Exactly. I'm more than happy to help just tell me what you want!

  4. I agree completely. They need to just ask us exactly what they are wanting instead of making this big long paragraphs and the thing I hate the most is when it says dear someone else. Not my name. I delete those without even looking at the rest.


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