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War of Desire Review

Title: War of Desire

Author: G.D. Campbell (Denele Pitts Campbell)

Genre: I don't really know how to describe it, (action, erotica) I guess

Published: July 3, 2013

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Length: 262 pages

Format: paperback, ebook (Amazon)


Description (From Amazon): Facing shortages of water and food, the land on fire, and mysterious illness on the rise, American voters in 2042 shift the nation's resources away from entrenched moral prohibitions. Houses of sexual pleasure spring up across the nation, especially popular with women who flock to Rae Stewart's successful enterprise, House of Rae. Working with Rae in the early years of the franchise, lover and right hand man Lu Haverson discovers the physical power of pleasure energy and its effect on illness. Soon a network of energy grids channel pleasure energy to the population, reducing violence and disease. By 2055, sex is the new penicillin. But not everyone applauds the new ways. Incensed by the unholy tide of promiscuity, extremists hone young zealot Josh Carter as the inside man in a plot to bring down the flagship of Rae's franchise, the Kansas City House. Josh passes Rae Stewart's interview, intriguing her with his angry innocence. But everything from Josh's luminosity to his physical prowess triggers Lu's worst fears. When Rae hires the kid in spite of Lu's warnings, he spearheads his own investigation. An eight-day war of desire rages.

Review: I really enjoyed War of Desire. I love Rae as the heroine in this novel. She is strong, intelligent, and knows what she wants. The message of this novel is also great because it focuses on the empowerment of women and religious organizations that try to use religion or God to carry out hateful actions. I appreciated this aspect of the novel because it is a very real situation that is happening in today's world. Knowing the truth about Josh, I found it very hard to like him. I kept wanting Rae to discover the truth about him before it became to late. Josh seems like the typical impressionable teenager who gets in over his head. However, that did not make the novel any less enjoyable. Lu is, perhaps, my favorite character and I was delighted with the ending. I wished it would have happened sooner and was so happy that he did the undercover work that he does in order to discover the truth. The pleasure becoming an energy source sort of takes a back seat to the actual sex and action. The climax of the novel disappointed me, but not because it was poorly written or predictable. I was disappointed because I did not want it to happy. I like HEAs and I had hoped for a different outcome. Although the ending did satisfy me.

Overall: Overall I give War of Desire 5 stakes. I found it incredibly interesting and will definitely read it again. I am also extremely excited that there is a sequel coming.

About the Author (From Amazon)Denele loves to write, whenever she's not keeping up with her hound dog Weezie or staring off into the Ozark woods where she lives. Then there are two cats, the goldfish, the firewood, and keeping her house in reasonable order, which is a very low priority. She wrote her first book when she was five. Her mom probably still has it tucked away somewhere in a scrap book. Everyone in her family liked to read but she never found enough books at home to keep her satisfied. In desperate moments, she read the dictionary and encyclopedias. Choosing a major for a college degree? No brainer. The magnificent English language. She's studied poetry and fiction as an undergraduate, and worked through several graduate level courses in creative nonfiction. Education has its place, but the real learning began whenever she sat down to write. Sticking strictly to genre structures seems impossible for Ms. Campbell. After raising three kids, a successful career as a piano tuner/technician, a three-year stint owning and operating her own cafe, and a gob of other activities, there are simply too many divergent interests tempting her pen. Generally, works published as Denele Campbell are non-fiction. Works published as G.D. Campbell are fiction-and probably on the spicy side. 

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