Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dragon Boy Review

Dragons must be becoming my new obsession, I've read a few books about them lately.

Title: Dragon Boy and the Witches of Galza

Author: A.A. Bukhatir

Genre: fantasy

Published: June 6, 2012

Publisher: Xlibris, Corp.

Length: 318 pages

Format: hardcover, paperback, ebook (Amazon, B&N, Kobo)


Brief Summary
: Ostracized and ridiculed, old man Aijou is believed to be a companion to menacing dragons. However, one day Aijou stumbles upon a baby dragon who becomes vital to his life and to the lives of butterbaby fairies, prey to dragons and their opponents in a long feud.

Review: Being honest, I had mixed feelings about Dragon Boy. The characters and dialogue seem over the top. Aijou, Shiawa, and Rasaia are very dramatic. Their dialogue verges on argumentative and tense for majority of the novel. They are constantly snapping, shouting, exclaiming, and answering sarcastically. And while I like a bit of tension and a little shake up so a story does not get boring, it borderlines on awkward and left me not wanting to continue reading, however I did because the story is quite good. Also Rasaia seems to whine and moan about everything. He always seems to land the trio into trouble and always has to be rescued by Shiawa and then wanting to take the credit for her achievements.
Now that my little rant on the characters is over...
I enjoyed this novel. I like the concept of a war between dragons and fairies and finding a savior. I also like how despite the way Aijou is treated in his town, being isolated and ridiculed, he is still devoted and loving towards the baby dragon. The journey with the trio and the baby is an adventure that I believe many will like. They face many obstacles and have to use clever ideas to free themselves. The ending is great when he returns to town and makes some friends.

Overall: The way the novel ends it is apparent that it will have a sequel. I do think I would read a sequel to see the baby grow up and if he actually succeeds in his intended duty. I give Dragon Boy and the Witches of Galza 3.5-4 stakes because I did really like it but I think some things could have been different.

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