Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Challenge Day 7

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

 The Book Blogger New Year's Challenge hosted by Parajunkee.

Day 7 (Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves):

*not in any particular order*

  1. Spam comments
  2. Not enough hours in the day
  3. Too many tempting books
  4. Spoilers anywhere. I hate spoilers and don't think they should be posted.
  5. Realizing you forget to schedule a post
  6. Hateful comments
  7. Balancing blogging and life
  8. Authors constantly asking when their review will be posted
  9. Obsessively watching follower counts
  10. Sometimes losing sight of why you started blogging.

If you want to follow along here are the topics for each day:

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  1. Wait you mean the day isn't made of 24hrs? Who need sleep!! I used to obsessively watch my follower count...now I'm just like--hey new person! And then move about my business.

  2. Oh gee...yeah #10. Totally. I had to really think about why I was blogging and that made me much happier. Granted, I'm not posting as much, but oh well. This had a lot to do with balancing blogging and life. Very difficult. And yeah, I said something about stopping time so I could read. :)

  3. I used to experience #10 often. It's hard not to get lost in the stats, the followers, the arcs, and all the rest. I've made a point of stating exactly why I created my blog in my 'about' page. So whenever I get lost, I just re-read the page and remind myself that this is all for fun!

    - Farhana @ Digesting The Words

  4. Spam comments are horrible. Especially the ones that have nothing to do with books and are about things like couches. That's actually happened sometimes. And if people post just asking for more followers, I just get so annoyed. And life? What is this life you speak of? All my time's spent up reading, reviewing, and sleeping.

  5. Hateful comments? I don't get that at all. If I don't agree with a blogger's review of a book I love (and trust me it happens, a lot), I just skip commenting or pick some other part of their post to comment about. I also make sure to put a smiley face when I use snark, because, alas, the internet does not have sarcasm font. It really should though.

    Mean people and spam suck!

  6. "Realizing you forget to schedule a post"
    Or in my case, thinking you scheduled a post and it gets posted right away! It happened to me last night. I'm still working out the steps I need to do every time I start a new blog post.

  7. Yes scheduling/forgetting to schedule drives me crazy too.

  8. LOL this looks so similar to my list. *sobs* I'm so glad I'm not alone!!!! I forget to schedule posts all the time. Then I remember at the end of the day, LIke Darn it!! And there will never be enough hours in the day/week/month/year to concur that tbr pileLe Sigh.


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