Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Challenge Day 14

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge

 The Book Blogger New Year's Challenge hosted by Parajunkee.

Day 14 (Blogger Wish List of 2014):

This is the final day of the book blogger New Year's Challenge.

I don't really have that many things on my wish list.

On my wish list for 2014 I want to: 

Reach 400 likes on my Facebook page
Reach 500 followers on Twitter
Get more comments on my posts
Blog more than I did in 2013
Provide better content
Have fun with blogging 

 What's on your wish list?

This is the end of the challenge but here were the subjects of each day:


  1. Well, I gave you a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter, so you're that much closer to your goals! ;) I'm afraid that my wish list is nowhere near as sane as this one... I'm going to miss this challenge, but I'm so glad to have been able to connect with so many awesome bloggers!

  2. This is a good wish list and sometimes the smaller the list is at first is good. You can add more as you accomplish these.

  3. Nice list, I'm following you on Twitter so you're at least one step closer to your goal. :)

  4. I'm going to try and blog more than I did last year, and more comments on my posts would be great! Good luck with meeting your Facebook & Twitter goals! :)

  5. Like you, I do wish to get more comments and followers (though I'm not on FB or T)...but also to provide better content (which should help with the above) and to have fun (which is the only way blogging can be successful, in the end).
    Good luck!


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