Monday, May 27, 2013

This Week (a full schedule) Teasers and cover reveals and reviews oh my!

So hi guys I know I haven't blogged for a few days but things have been a little hectic for me because of the Memorial Day weekend and... I am about to graduate high school (yay!! for me :] ). So to make up for my absence I plan to do a whole week of blogging which will include:

  • Monday (today): To Be Read pile. I know I said TBR are usually on Sunday but I will be moving these to Monday.
  • Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday
  • Wednesday: A Cover Reveal!!!! Woohoo!!!!
  • Thursday: A book review
  • Friday: Friday will probably just be a day to talk or rant about whatever. Maybe I could answer any questions you have about me or anything. Let me know.

So again I apologize for my absence and am looking forward to this week. Byeeee

P.S. I need to post a book review today too so look out for that.

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