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Review of Jennifer Blackstream's Aphrodite's Hunt

Title: Aphrodite's Hunt
Author: Jennifer Blackstream
Published: 2012
Publisher: Skeleton Key Publishing

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Description: “When a vampire gets involved in a werewolf mating ritual, you know there’s going to be blood . . .”

Gia is a werewolf with a mission: to have a submissive mate who will never threaten her dominance. For years she has ruled as the lupa of her pack with just such a mate. Then one night her perfect little arrangement comes to an end when her mate betrays her with another woman. Outraged at the insult to their lupa, the pack calls for one of their most sacred rituals: Aphrodite’s Hunt. For three nights Gia will be the prey, hunted by the eligible males of her pack until one proves himself worthy by finding her and claiming her as his own. If Gia wants to escape the erotic ritual that even her own wolf longs for, she will have to find someone to protect her not only from her pack . . . but from her own carnal desires.

Sorin is a vampire with a secret. Haunted by the macabre sins of his past, he has sworn off blood, determined to stick to a diet of siphoned energy that leaves him too weak to pose a threat. When Gia comes to his door, possessed by a heated desire and desperate to make a deal, Sorin quickly turns her away. But he soon finds out that Gia is not a werewolf used to taking orders. One bloody kiss is all it takes to awaken the beast he has kept trapped inside of him for so long and suddenly Sorin finds himself swept up by a renewed hunger for the warmer things in life.

Now Gia wants out of the deal and Sorin wants . . . her."

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

Review: To be honest I tried really hard to get into this book. The synopsis seemed exactly what I am interested in: werewolves, vampires, love, and some steamy scenes. I think the author attempted to balance these scenes with a great plot but I the plot was underdeveloped. Sorin, the vampire that Gia turns to for protection, fights with the werewolves in Gia's pack for the right to claim Gia. However it seemed forced. I understand that in most books werewolves are seen to be ruled by their impulses and emotions but the pack seemed completely unreasonable, especially when talking to Gia, their alpha, which they did not seem to respect at all. This was further shown through the fact that the pack, not Gia, called for the Aphrodite's Hunt which seemed unrealistic that an alpha would allow herself to be hunted, especially in a sexual manner. It was also confusing to me what Sorin was exactly and how he is able to survive on siphoned energy rather than blood like all other vampires. There was a disconnect for me as to how the scenes in Sorin's house led to Gia returning to her pack. For an alpha that prided herself in her judgement, skills, and ability, Gia was severely lacking when it came to knowing her pack, which of them would turn against her, and her own mate. Overall, it was a well-written book that I did enjoy reading, however I think the plot could have been developed a little more. Also Gia felt too selfish and arrogant to be the loving and helpful leader that she claimed to be. I would give this book 3.5 of of 5 stars.

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