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Fallen Tears Review

Title: Fallen Tears

Author: Sarah J. Pepper

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Publish Date: December 13, 2012

Length: 205 pages

Format: paperback, ebook


Description (from Amazon)An √©lite club of shamed angels – the Fallen – welcomes disgraced super-naturals, like me. Defiant and vengeful, we’re catalysts in destruction and mayhem, much to our angelic adversaries’ dismay. Satisfying the void left in our soulless bodies motivates many Fallen to play with feeble humans. For even though we wield infernal-powers, they have one thing we crave. 

As a Fallen, an infinite number of days lay before me – if I choose. The Big Man upstairs always gives us a choice. I can accept my fate and perish, or consume a human’s soul and live. The last one I devoured glows like a firefly inside my chest. One day, it’ll flicker and fade into darkness. The Archangels who cast me from heaven would claim victory in the everlasting battle we wage, unless I consume another. 
My next victim? A young man with ridiculously enticing lips. Gorgeous doesn’t define his otherworldly appearance. His vogue hairstyle accentuates his sky-blue eyes. His laugh echoes in my ears. His perfect smile is burned to memory. The undeniable urge to consume his soul unveils my wicked inhibitions. I want him… his soul. One problem – he’s protected by a Guardian angel. 

My Review: Can I please start of by saying that Sarah J. Pepper has some of the best book covers I have ever seen? I'm about to begin another of her books, Death of the Mad Hatter which also has an amazing cover (the review will be posted very soon). 

That aside...

I absolutely loved Fallen Tears. I haven't read many books about angels or fallen angels and the ones that I have haven't really been too similar so the topic hasn't really been overdone IMHO like vampires and werewolves have. The story starts out by showing how Miriam was once an angel and how she fell. After the prologue alone I felt sympathy for the poor girl who was betrayed and had her life ruined by someone she trusted.

In order for Miriam to survive she must consume a human soul. This necessity as always been met until Miriam sets her sights on Lincoln to be her next victim. For some unknown reason Lincoln is different than other humans she has hunted. 

The attraction between Lincoln and Miriam is so genuine and endearing. I think I loved the relationship even more so than usual because Miriam was fighting it and literally wanted to kill Lincoln half the time. 

When Miriam discovers why Lincoln is different than other she has hunted I wanted to cry for her. She needs to make an extremely difficult decision after learning the truth because it will alter both of their lives.

I was extremely pleased with the ending of the book for the mere fact that it has an ending. So many books I have read lately have had cliffhanger endings which has led me to believe that authors are sadists. The ending of this novel will not disappoint and although it is a little predictable (there really aren't that many possible outcomes) it's the way that the outcome plays out that is the enjoyable part.

Excerpt: “Are you going to tell me how you were able to change their color so quickly, or are you going to let me believe their contacts?” 

“It’s a Talent of mine.” He chuckled and then told me it was fine if I wanted to keep my secrets. I asked him why he cared. 

“I worry about you,” he admitted. I reached down to get my dagger. 

“Why do you care?” Lincoln grabbed my hand before it slid passed him. I couldn’t have been pleased to be sitting when the tantalizing wave trickled into me. I couldn’t imagine how wonderful it’d feel to consume his soul. But then he gave me a look of endearment that ruined my moment of hunger. 

“One of the first things you told me was that you were emancipated from your mother… Are you close to your father?” 

I snickered, “Dad keeps a watchful eye on all his children. Again, why do you care?” He gave me a knowing look, suggesting that we’d previously covered why he cared. 

Stopped at a red light, he asked me where to turn to my place. “You can just pull over there,” I said, pointing to a vacant parking spot. It was now or never. “My place isn’t too far away. I can walk.” 

“You don’t live close, do you?” Lincoln stated with absolute seriousness. “How would you possibly know that?” 

“Because I live only a few blocks down from here, and I haven’t seen any people moving in or out in months.” He drove into the vacant spot. “Where do you live? No jokes. Just tell me.” 

The firehouse I’d been squatting in wasn’t too far away, perhaps a mile. If I wasn’t overcome by the uncontrollable urge to hunt, I could probably figure out a way to live better. But the truth was that it consumed my thoughts, and I didn’t really care about worldly possessions. My biggest nuisance was finding something to eat. 

“I’m not going to show you where I live,” I said, thinking that I might as well throw down a welcome mat for Daniel and the Archangels, for they would certainly seek Lincoln’s vengeance after I sliced him with my dagger.

I tried to release my hand from his handhold, but he refused to let go. Our gaze locked. Lincoln was baiting me; if I’d been able to force him away in the restaurant, which should have been impossible considering my girlish physique. I should have been able to pry my hand away from his, so why was I struggling to let go? 

“Is it because I live amongst the wealthy?” he asked. I jerked my hand from his grasp and raised my eyebrow, daring him to ask me how I was able to over-power him. When he made no effort to comment, I pulled up the cuff of my jeans and grabbed the blade. 

“No, you’d make any homeless person jealous even if you were considered middle class.” Grabbing my shoulders, he pulled me backwards just as I freed my weapon from its sheath. Forcefully gripping me, he looked in my eyes like he could unfurl my secrets if he searched hard enough. 

His heart drummed against his chest, syncing with my racing one. “Miri, please tell me you have a place to call home.” 

I told him I did, but he didn’t look convinced that it was safe enough for me. Hadn’t I proven I could take care of myself? I was stronger than him!

Overall Opinion: Overall, anyone who loves romance and warring emotions will enjoy this book. The conflicting feels of love and the need to consume a soul make the story so endearing. Many times I felt myself tearing up due to Miriam constantly pushing Lincoln away because she believes she will ultimately kill him. I happily give Fallen Tears 5 stakes and I wish there was a sequel.

Get to Know the Author 
(from Amazon): Sarah J. Pepper lives in South Dakota with her real-life prince charming. At a young age, she fell for paranormal books and now incorporates that genre with the romance that thrives in the hearts of us all. When she's not storytelling, she's most likely biking, hoarding chocolate, or taking a bubble bath. Get a glimpse inside her head at www.peppersreadingcorner.com

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  1. I just read the Death of the Mad Hatter, totally blew me away. I love retelling and that was done VERY well. Can't wait to see your review on it and what you think!

    This is the next one of her books I want to read. I love her writing style.

    Awesome review!

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