Thursday, June 12, 2014

Game of Thrones & A Song of Fire and Ice

So I've become obsessed with watching and all things Game of Thrones. During the last month of school, I watched seasons 1-3 which was really bad because I was completely hooked and I was still watching during finals week. I pretty much holed myself in my dorm instead of leaving so I could watch the Starks and the Lannisters and Daenerys.

And since I have been watching Game of Thrones so much, I decided to start reading the book series that inspired it all. The series, A Song of Fire and Ice, is a little intimidating. It's not really the size that I'm having a problem with but it is a daunting story. Based on the tv show, I know that there are some many plot lines and characters to keep track of so I haven't gotten very far into the first book yet (about 200 pages). 

I bought the box set of the first five books and I am currently reading the first, Game of Thrones. From what I have read so far it seems that the books correspond almost directly with show, or rather the tv shows corresonds well with the books. I'm really interested in all of the plot lines that I have watched and read so far, from the Whitewalkers to Daenerys, mother of dragons, to the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters. I find that this series has something for everyone. There is romance, political drama, fantasy, action, and a touch of humor that has resulted in an amazing series.

I truly admire George R. R. Martin for crafting this exceptional world and I applaud HBO and the show's directors and everyone who works on it for bringing his world to light. I look forward to reading about this that may have been portrayed differently in the show or not at all. I'm also excited to go more in depth with the characters. I enjoy books that have alternating point of views because it allows glances into the intricate minds of the characters. You see more and learn more about the characters when you see the world through their eyes.

I hope to keep posting about the book series as I read along and I would love it if you guys had any thoughts. Have you read the books? Do you watch the tv show? If so, what are your thoughts on either or both? Who is your favorite character and what is your favorite plot line?

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  1. I've read them all and I watch the show! I love both, but I love the books a lot more. My favorites are Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, but I love so many of the characters! I'm glad you like the show, I hope you make progress on the books and enjoy all of them!


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